About Us

Supernova Mas was created out of love for Notting Hill Carnival and everything it represents.

Born in London with Caribbean heritage, we grew up in a dynamic mix of cultures. We would grab fish and chips one day and help mum to fry plantain the next. 


Notting Hill carnival was created by the Windrush Generation to build a connection to the Caribbean in their new home. To celebrate where they came from and how far they have come.

Supernova Mas are building on this legacy, keeping our roots in Caribbean culture, with a British flair. We are about celebrating all aspects of being Black and British.


When you play Mas with Supernova, you’re sharing this love with us. It’s an atmosphere of joy and excitement that keeps growing until it explodes in a burst of energy.

Carnival - with a bang.

Put simply, Supernova Mas is about creating a carnival experience that’s out of this world.